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A Pancake Breakfast

At the Touch of a Button

Today I am off the page in the realm of food blogging. I haven’t been home in over two weeks. I haven’t had a kitchen in nearly three months. Breakfast has gone from home cooked to oatmeal at McDonald’s or Chick-fil-a to scrambled eggs (if you want to call them that) at the Holiday Inn Express.

Now my exile is nearly over and I am celebrating with a morning exploration of something food related that fascinates me: the pancake machine on the Holiday Inn Express breakfast bar.

Technically this pancake machine is not a vending machine as there is no money directly involved in it’s operation; no slot to slip a coin or, these days, a credit card through. Still it intrigues me in the same way as those French Fry Vending machines I have written about in the past. After pushing a single clearly marked button at the lower left of the machine it drops dollops of batter to cook on a Teflon-coated conveyor belt, producing two hot, golden, moderately-sized pancakes in as little as 18 seconds each.

Pancake Photography – On the Go

I first discovered it here over a year ago when we were in transition from Washington to Tennessee. Back then I made a few pancakes and took a few pictures but really, it is difficult to capture my delight with this unusual food machine when photographing a couple of thin pancakes and a shiny puddle of syrup on a styrofoam plate.

Today we add dark clouds and rain to the mix. Yesterday my best point and shoot camera decided its memory card had a flaw. Still, pancakes are on my agenda for the day. Let’s see if I can share a glimpse of the intrigue.

They’re not bad but, then again, how great it would be if those pancakes tasted as good as they look!


grace said...

wow, those DO look great! i've never seen a pancake conveyor belt like that. what'll they come up with next? :)

Anonymous said...

Yum! Your pancake photos are making me hungry! Wonder if they will ever come up with one that will add optional ingredients, like blueberries, to the batter:)
Blessings, Aimee