Kitchen Makeover

One Step Forward

Just over a week ago I was excited to have new countertops installed in my Tennessee kitchen. The countertops were part of a kitchen makeover I hoped would brighten the dark space and dated appliances in the home I moved into almost a year ago and make it a more inviting space to work in. The bones of the kitchen were good but the black sink and black laminate countertops on top of dark cherry cabinets sucked the light out of the kitchen work area with its limited northern exposure.  The Butler’s Pantry was even darker, with the same cabinets and countertops and no windows at all.

On Wednesday morning the plumbing was finished, hooking up the faucet and hot water dispenser.  All that was left to be completed was the installation of several new appliances.  By Wednesday evening the project was put on hold and then, later, in reverse.

Two Steps Back

As it turned out, all that was put in had to be ripped out: the new countertops, sink, hot water dispenser, etc. Besides that everything needs to be moved out of the kitchen and everything downstairs needs to be moved out of the house, the cabinets need to be removed, the floors lifted, more appliances replaced and the whole downstairs floor needs to be refinished. This is going to be a long haul and the third time I have packed up my kitchen and moved it in the last year.

Not that I’m complaining.  Good things will come of this, I’m sure, and the kitchen will look great and be pleasant to work in when finished, it’s just going to take longer to get there than I imagined. Meanwhile I get to do some more sorting and will hopefully make more progress in lightening the load and shedding the burden of unnecessary belongings. I am also looking forward to discovering some innovative ways to cook beyond the kitchen and prepare meals with limited access to kitchen conveniences.  Either that or do more restaurant and travel posts.  We’ll see. 

In any case, I hope not to lose sight of My Own Sweet Thyme with this most recent dislocation….


Jeff said...

I have to agree that the new countertops looked nice! My condolences on the setback. I hope the additional repairs go quickly. Maybe this is a good time to invest in a new camp stove for the patio? :-) said...

So sorry! It sounds like quite a mess. Fire up the grill!

Debbie said...

Sorry for your troubles! Hope it goes smooth now. I like the lighter counters.

grace said...

oh, the sacrifices we must make! a kitchen renovation is the most exciting kind, for sure--hang in there, it'll be worth it!

Lisa said...

Thanks, you all! Drying is going very slowly but we'll get there. When the kitchen gets put back together, then we can proceed with the makeover. Step by step!