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The Charm of Wild Hibiscus

A Champagne Season

It’s champagne season here at My Own Sweet Thyme.  My husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary and birthdays within the space of a single month. I am always looking for ways to make each occasion special and nothing says “This occasion is special!” quite like champagne.

Making each occasion unique can be more of a challenge. Even champagne occasions can begin to blur in our memory if our approach to raising a toast is always the same. That’s why I took special note of an article about Champagne Cocktails that ran in the Wall Street Journal some time ago. It offered advice for impressive embellishments that add interest to a simple glass of champagne.  

Easy Embellishment

Among the “super-easy champagne drinks” suggested, my favorite was a Hibiscus Royale. This drink added a single wild hibiscus flower to the bottom of a bubbling flute of champagne. There the beautiful syrup-drenched blossom unfolded in response to the caress of the bubbles and infused the champagne with a layered scarlet sweetness along with the subtle essence of red fruit.

Eager to recreate that drink at home I shopped for Wild Hibiscus Flowers, without luck. Finally, I ordered them on-line but by the time my jar arrived another champagne season had run its course.  I unpacked the box and stowed the small dark jar in my pantry.

Sweet Memories

Now I find myself in another place and time….remembering that pretty drink. The Wild Hibiscus Flowers are easier to find now, in fact I saw them on the shelf at The Fresh Market the other day, just in time for another champagne season to unfold. This season those exotic little blossoms will add a unique twist to our anniversary toast. Then, at the bottom of the glass, is an invitation to taste something new (the wild hibiscus flowers themselves are said to taste of rhubarb and raspberries.) So often it is those sweet and simple touches that can make all the difference.

Wild Hibiscus Champagne Cocktails

dry champagne
a jar of wild hibiscus flowers in syrup

Spoon one wild hibiscus flower into the bottom of a champagne flute arranging it so that the petals are pointed upward.  

Drizzle a few drops to a full teaspoon of syrup from the jar over the hibiscus flower.

Pour champagne over the hibiscus flower to fill. 



grace said...

happy anniversary! my mom got a hibiscus plant recently, but it has only one bloom so far. this is a neat thing to try!

Debbie said...

Congratulation on another year of marriage! You and Gary have had a lot of changes this past year. Blessings on your next year together and for it to be a calmer year.

KathyB. said...

I like the idea of making a simple celebration with champagne even more special. I have never heard of adding hibiscus flowers to a drink, and since they are so available now-a-days I might try this when my husband & I celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary next month.