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Transitional Forms

Just look at this bowl... Isn’t it gorgeous?

It is a housewarming gift from a good friend in my long-time hometown. I love the simple wrapping, the fresh green bow highlighting the clean white. She surprised me with this beautiful serving piece and a few words about why she felt it was right for me.

As I admire it I am struck by its harmonious asymmetry. It is plain, wholesome and functional; a fresh palette for colorful crisp salads, the perfect foil to bright, freshly pan-roasted vegetables or a generous frame for a brothy braised entrée. At the same time it holds its own, hinting at the unexpected in its delightful departure from conventional form; the slightest bow of one corner offering to pour out and share what it cradles. I love its sly yet generous expression!

My friend also suggested she hopes to see it filled it with something delicious and featured on my blog. I realize it has been too long. This season of transition has lingered past necessity. It is time to get back to a routine and celebrate the things I carry forward.

This bowl acknowledges a new beginning. I have swept out the home I am leaving in Washington and unpacked most of its contents in Tennessee. It is time to start again, to write a new chapter, to untie that tidy bow and get back to that sometimes messy business of creating, filling and sharing the gifts I’ve been given.

See you soon!