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2011 Highlights in My Own Sweet Thyme

Highlights of 2011

It's been another tasty year at My Own Sweet Thyme. Though 2011 wasn't my most prolific year for posting there have been some recipes that are worth repeating. Though I've never done a highlights post before I decided to try one as I reviewed where 2011 took me. Half way through the process I got preoccupied with preparation for the New Year. Then....well let's just say I'm late posting my Highlights from 2011. What can I say? My header doesn't read "In My Own Sweet Thyme" for nothing.


This hearty winter dish was a delicious discovery. The aroma is almost as satisfying as savoring these flavorful braised lamb shanks themselves.


Inspired by Maya Angelou and Jamie Oliver, I experimented with Chocolate Alchemy and the Language of Love for Valentine's Day. The results culminated in what might be my favorite post of the year.


A late snow storm last March inspired some research into recipes for a thick and rich cup of Hot Chocolate. This Spanish Hot Chocolate can be dressed up as an elegant after dinner dessert beverage or dressed down for dunking graham crackers and savoring chocolate S'more Style after a romp in the snow.


Spiced Nuts are an easy and delicious snack with drinks or coffee. These spicy sweet nuts add an extra splash of complexity with a hint of bourbon, perfect for Derby season and beyond.


With spring in the air I posted an easy transitional salad that is as pretty as a first course at a dinner party as it is perfect for a spring luncheon.


This salad is just right for summer salad buffets, picnics or potlucks. Its bright mixture of crisp confetti-colored vegetables, nutty grains of wild rice and tender orzo provide a colorful contrast as a side dish that is also uniquely flavorful. The gingery dressing is fresh and goes with most everything.


This year summer was slow to take hold and the late ripening fruit made July a good month for strawberry specialties. These Pan-Roasted Balsamic Strawberries are simple and delicious just like summer should always be.


This delicious breakfast cake is based on a favorite taste from childhood. Graham Crackers make a wonderfully crumbly streusel topping. Grab a cup of coffee and a slice of cake and take a trip down Memory Lane.


In September I tried a new recipe that promised a delicious medley of fresh green beans and tofu brightened with lime and sweetened slightly with brown sugar. It turned out to be mouth watering and memorable.


When the weather begins to cool in the fall I feel the tug of my oven and I long for the scent of chicken roasting, warming the house and offering to fill my family with good savory things to eat. Roasted Chicken with Olives and Thyme is perfect for those occasions.


the best recipes come from friends, not cookbooks. this is a recipe I first tasted when a good friend brought me dinner at least twenty years ago. I asked for the recipe and have used it often since.


Scrumptious Soft Peanut Brittle is great for gifts or for adding a delicious bite of sweet crunchiness to the holiday dessert tray. This Peanut Brittle recipe, discovered at Wives with Knives, offers the taste and texture of Butterfinger candy bars. Need I say more?

Here's to a prosperous and blessed 2012 for each of my wonderful readers!


Kathy Walker said...

Choices, choices! You selected some great dishes to highlight. I have a list started!

Me And My Sweets said...

I like your pictures it alls looks sooo yummie!!