Peach Bourbon Toss

September is a time of transitions. Fall sports are well underway. On Friday night I cheered for the home team at the local high school football game. On Sunday, however, summer lingered as I napped in the warm shade of my backyard garden while the temperature, cooler than normal most of the summer, finally climbed into the mid-90s.

The local produce market is also showing signs of seasonal contrast in beautiful abundance. I stopped by this afternoon. Right beside the front door was a big box of cabbages. To its left I couldn't help but notice a variety of pretty winter squash: delicata, turban, buttercup and acorn. I was tempted to pick up an armload.

Inside a variety of summer fruit still reigned. There Maryhill peaches were stacked in neat pyramids among mounds of plums and nectarines and boxes of raspberries. I found myself torn. Still wanting to cling to the last traces of tangy-sweet summer fruit, I could feel the draw of cooking heartier fall fare. On this trip I clung to summer picking out a few choice peaches.

While hanging onto the ease of summer recipes I am still beginning to lean toward warmer flavors and a little more structure. Take this simple peach dessert for example. The Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Cups act as a bowl and provide structure for peaches tossed with just a little brown sugar and a few teaspoons of bourbon. The bourbon adds warms tones and a splash of complexity to the flavor without being overpowering. And, of course, a good sized dollop of whipped cream adds a finishing touch that’s perfect for any season.

Bourbon Spiced Peaches

2 ripe peaches, peeled and sliced
2 teaspoons brown sugar
2 teaspoons bourbon

In a medium bowl, combine the peaches, brown sugar and bourbon. Toss gently to mix and coat. Let stand for several minutes.

Serve sliced peaches in Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Cups, if desired, and top with Old-Timey Whipped Cream.

Savor and enjoy!


Ivy said...

How dainty :)

grace said...

i had a bad experience with bourbon in my college days, and i've never quite been able to shake it off. that said, this is still a lovely dish and i enjoy the tortilla bowl so very much. :)