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Quail Eggs at Camas Farmer's Market

Why is it that tiny versions of everyday items make us smile? I have written about the charms of miniatures before but they never fail to take me by surprise.

Last week at the Camas Farmer’s Market I saw that Reister Farms had quail eggs for sale. At least they had them very early in the afternoon, before I arrived. When I saw the words “Quail Eggs” crossed through and “Sold Out” written to the side I think I took it personally. I have had those quail eggs on my mind all week. Though I know next to nothing about quail eggs I remember seeing a post about them, a picture that was stuck in my mind highlighting the extreme cuteness of these diminutive treasures.

This week I got to the market early, shortly after it opened. I went straight to Reister Farms and asked for a dozen quail eggs. Though I had anticipated my purchase for days I was still struck by how beautiful they really were. Each had a unique pattern of dots and hues, from speckles to large blotches of brown on backgrounds from cream to almost light blue to brown. Shopper after shopper stopped by to comment, if not buy some of their own. They marveled at how large these were, for quail eggs, or how unique the coloring. They seemed almost too pretty to eat. Almost…

After picking up a half flat of beautiful blueberries from MeadowGlenn Farm, a half pound of freshly roasted Costa Rican coffee from Paper Tiger Coffee Roasters,

and buying my favorite flatbread from Truly Scrumptious, covered with red onion, gorgonzola, crushed red pepper and figs, as well as a tiny chocolate chip studded cupcake (more miniature bliss),

I sat down in the grass beside the Camas Library to admire my purchases. Friends joined me. They helped me think of things to do with the eggs. I had to admit I was as eager to photograph them as I was to taste them.

Back home I looked up posts and recipes. I never found the photo I remembered but I did find some great new ideas for how to use these awesome little eggs. Hopefully I'll have more to post about that soon. Meanwhile, here are a few lovely links on the virtues of quail eggs:

Quail Eggs With Black Sesame Seeds and Sea Salt from The Well-Seasoned Cook

Quail Eggs with Smashed Potatoes and Arugula from Local Lemons

Lazy Easy Tea Eggs from Just Bento

Quail's Eggs with Za 'atar from Not Quite Nigella

Quail Eggs with Smoked Paprika from Nami-Nami


Anonymous said...

Love your quail eggs--they're so beautiful! They look like someone handpainted each and every one of them; truly amazing!
Love, love, love your blog!

Nic said...

The eggs look so fresh, what a fabulous market.

grace said...

most awesome market find EVER! i can't wait to see what becomes of your lovely eggs. (that sounds more lewd than i intended...). :)

Ivy said...

Do realize how envious of you I am right now!Your farmers market is out of this world. Everything looks beautiful. I want to live in your town! :)

P.S. How do quail eggs taste different that chicken eggs?

theUngourmet said...

These are so pretty. I wonder how they compare to chicken eggs? These links are terrific! I don't think we have these at Beaverton Farmers Market.

Cathy said...

I've never seen quail eggs at the market and would buy some in a minute if I did. Love the colors and texture of the shell. Looks like Camas has a nice markets. Thanks for sharing the photos and info.

Lisa said...

Aimee - Thanks! Glad you stopped by.

Nicisme - I was told the eggs were gathered the day before I bought them. I don't think they get much fresher. :)

Grace - I've had some fun with those eggs this week. I hope to post about it soon...

Ivy - It is a nice market. It is on the small side but there are lots of interesting items. It seems there is something new to discover every week I show up.

Ungourmet and Ivy - The quail eggs taste very similar to chicken eggs. The taste may be a bit richer overall but it isn't a strong taste. Perhaps it is just that the yolk is a larger proportion of the whole egg than in a chicken's egg.

Cathy - In some places I think you might find quail eggs at Whole Foods though I have never seen them there myself. Otherwise I guess it is just a matter of luck. I'm so glad I got to try them. Hope you find some soon!

Gypmar said...

Yay! I have been looking forward to this post since Christi told me about your quail egg adventures. I'm going to have to start getting my writing done BEFORE Wednesdays so I can make it down to the market!

Pille said...

Quail eggs are a treat indeed - and extremely cute, just as you said :)