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Cocktail Eyeballs and Sakétinis

I really don't do a lot to celebrate Halloween. I hardly ever dress up or go to a party. Usually I just stay at home and hand out candy to the ghouls and boys that ring my doorbell dressed in their cute little costumes. Then I answer it some more as the older kids come by in makeshift costumes taking the rest of the candy off my hands so I don't end up eating it all myself.

Sometimes I watch a Halloween movie though that is generally on the tame side too. No absurdly gory movies for me. I prefer classics like "Dracula" or "Young Frankenstein", possibly "The Birds," or even an old episode or two of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

Last year I was on my own with my husband out of town and my son out with friends. The waves of trick-or-treaters at my door were intermittent and I was fairly bored. What to do? Like any good food blogger I pulled out a recipe I had just discovered on the Internet and tried to recreate it.

This is a fairly easy recipe but has tremendous impact. I think it was the fuzzy little root of the radish, intact and looking all quivery, that convinced me to try it. I am not all that fond of radishes and green olives are not my favorite garnish but all the same these are totally edible and so worthwhile for a Halloween party or even for an evening at home. These are definitely worthy of a smile, or a grimace, as a garnish for Martinis, Sakétinis, or Bloody Marys. They can also be frozen individually in ice cubes and served in a clear beverage. Or just serve them as is. Arranged on a serving dish and drizzled with a red sauce these are very eye catching.

Cocktail Eyeballs
I think I first saw them at Show Me Vegan

2 bunches of fresh radishes
1 jar small green pimiento stuffed olives

Carefully wash the radishes in cold water and pat dry.

Using a vegetable peeler or small paring knife create stripes by carefully peeling a radish from top to root, leaving small streaks of red between the peeled stripes of white, and being careful to leave the root intact.

Slice away approximately 1/3 of the stem end of the radish. Using the coring tip of a vegetable peeler scoop out the interior of the radish, being careful not to break the sides.

Push one pimiento stuffed green olive into the cavity you created. The olive should fit snugly and protrude above the surface of the radish less than half way with the pimiento stuffed end facing outward.

Slice away the protruding end of the olive so that it is flush with the radish.

Use as a garnish for Sakétinis or other Halloween cocktails.

Or arrange stuffed radishes in a serving dish and drizzle with cocktail sauce or a red salad dressing (I used Pomegranate Dressing), enough to pool slightly in the bottom of the dish. Serve with toothpicks.

From “the sakétini” booklet distributed by Saké One

2 oz. Momokawa Silver or other dry Saké
1 oz. vodka or gin

Shake with ice and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with lime curl, olives or other festive garnish.


pam said...

Those are wonderful!

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

These are so much fun!!!

grace said...

that is so clever--i wish i could have inventive ideas like that. your execution is flawless and your beverage makes me wish i a)enjoyed alcohol, and b)got more into halloween. :)

Robin Sue said...

These eyeballs are a hoot. I bet you had fun making them! My kids would get a big kick out of them but I would have to eat them all, I love radishes.

Pam said...

How clever!

the southern hostess said...

So creepy and so brilliant!

Cathy said...

HaHaHa...love the eyeballs. And the saketinis too. Happy Halloween.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the most creative drinks I've EVER seen! A fun drink for sure and thanks for the inspiration. We're going over to my brother's house and this would be a wonderful drink for the adults.

noble pig said...

Oh I am keeping this for next year, absolutely brilliant!

Debbie said...

The saketinis are best. Love the eye's they gave me a smile.