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Place St. François

I have been spending this gray spring morning digging through my photos from the trip I took to Switzerland last summer. Just looking through the pictures I can feel the sunshine on my skin and remember the luscious summer weather we enjoyed there. Since I haven't eaten yet today I am also lingering over photos of the exceptional food we found there too.

Just shopping along the streets of Lausanne is a sweet experience. In the Old Town, along Place St-François and up the Rue de Bourg the sidewalk cobblestones are dotted with sidewalk cafes and shops offering sweet confections.

Chocolates, macaroons and pastries are offered near the square behind the 13th century Église St-François.

One early afternoon we dined at Café Saint Francois beside the lovely Gothic church marking the boundary of old Lausanne, the Vieille Ville.

I had a beautiful bowl of elegant gaspacho garnished with a drizzle of pesto and served with breadsticks, as well as a basket of delicious rolls which seems to come with every meal in Switzerland.

My husband settled for a cappuccino and a simple croissant. He also shared a chocolate tart with me.

It was delightful to sit in the open café listening to the sounds of the afternoon and watching the way people linger over a leisurely meal enjoying their food, drinks and conversation.

Viva la différence. Vive les vacances.


noble pig said...

Your pics are beautiful. Some of my greatest travel memories are from Switzerland! Beautiful.

Bunny said...

I love the pictures, We've had nothing but cool rainy weather all week it's really getting to me!!

Ivy said...

I want to go to there. :)

Mary Bergfeld said...

Your pictures are lovely. I think I'm developing wanderlust...again.

grace said...

breathtaking photos, lisa! ivy pretty much sums up my feelings exactly, and in liz-lemon-form, no less. :)