Portage Bay Cafe

Last week we made a quick trip to Seattle. While we were there, hanging around the University of Washington, we stopped near the campus for a late breakfast at the Portage Bay Cafe.

Nice place! Though the cafe was crowded and busy we had a table in a serene garden area at the side of the restaurant. Thanks to the great weather we have had lately the setting was beautiful, perfectly shaded but bright with light twinkling through the green bower surrounding the patio.

We ordered Migas (pictured above) and Steel-Cut Oatmeal...

Both were pretty and delicious, though the portions were far more than we were able to eat.

Still I think the best part might have been the coffee. It was served in the Portage Bay Cafe mugs pictured below. They made me smile! I like to think that's what I have been doing for the last year, while writing this blog. I hope so.

I always like a little intention with my coffee, a conversation starter to see if I'm awake.

We bought two mugs.


the southern hostess said...

I'm a big fan of Portage Bay. So glad you got to visit!

grace said...

i'm a huge fan of migas and i love the mugs. :)