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Blueberry Salsa

How are blueberries like summer? As quickly as they show up, plump and gorgeous and enticing, sending me scrambling for ways to enjoy their deep blue tangy sweetness - yes, just as suddenly, they are gone.

Last week, at the Camas Farmers Market, I picked up a half flat of the last of Meadowglenn Farm's blueberries for this season. At the same time I picked up the recipe sheet from the market’s weekly food demonstration. It included an interesting blueberry salsa that grabbed my attention. For some reason I had never thought of making blueberry salsa before and yet looking at the recipe it seemed sort of obvious. I thought of a small restaurant on the waterfront at the Port of Camas-Washougal where I have eaten several times. At Puffins, a cute little turquoise restaurant on the docks, you can sit outside and watch the boats while you enjoy a wide selection of tropical salsas featuring fruit and other fun Caribbean style food.

Fresh fruit, salsa and chips just screams summer with a no heat approach to preparing something fresh and tasty to snack on. All the heat is in the chile peppers which actually contain capcaicin, a substance that, while spicy, is said to stimulate the body’s natural cooling mechanism among other health benifits. Plus, the spiciness adds a grand counterpoint to the luscious sweetness of sun ripened fresh local berries. I wanted to try this recipe right away.

Early in the week, I collected the rest of the ingredients - fresh ginger, a shallot, cilantro and a serrano pepper- and made the salsa to share at a gathering later that evening. Was it good? It turned out to be fantastic! My tasters, a bit wary at first, asked a number of questions before they dug into the salsa with their tortilla chips. Yet, once they made the plunge, they found that they really enjoyed it’s cool freshness and mild spicy sweetness. I will definitely make this salsa again!

Blueberry Salsa
(from a recipe for Teriyaki Pork Chops with Blueberry-Ginger Relish picked up at the Camas Farmers Market)

1 cup fresh blueberries, coarsely chopped
1 shallot, finely chopped
1 serrano chile, seeded and minced
1 Tablespoon fresh cilantro, chopped
1 Tablespoon lime juice
1 teaspoon fresh ginger, minced
1/4 teaspoon salt

Combine ingredients in a small bowl and let sit for twenty to thirty minutes for flavors to blend.

Serve with tortilla chips or over grilled meat as a relish.

Note: Luckily fresh blueberries can still be found at the farmer’s markets, from other microclimates in our area. Blueberries and blackberries were abundant at the Vancouver Farmers Market this past weekend.


Anonymous said...

I love it! I have pork in the frig, and a container of blueberries waiting to be used. Thanks for the recipe and fabulous.........photos!

grace said...

blueberries light up my life. this salsa, therefore, ranks up there with hummus and guacamole as one of the best dips of all time. seriously, lisa--this is amazing!!

Jersey Girl Cooks said...

This is great! You have a beautiful blog!

Christi Krug said...

That looks amazing. Can't wait to try it. I looked for you when I stopped by the market weekend before last - betcha we almost crossed paths. Keep bringing on the awesomeness.

Lisa said...

Kim - Thanks! I hope it works out for you.

Grace - It was great salsa! Of course I love almost anything that gives me a reason to eat tortilla chips.

Lisa - Thank you. Glad you stopped by!

Christi - Sorry I missed you! I hope you enjoyed the market. See ya soon...

Anonymous said...

Blueberries with corn chips - great idea!! The colour contrast is amazing.

Ivy said...

How gourmet and unique!.
Pictures look beautiful.

Robin Sue said...

I am so happy to get this before the blueberries are gone. I just bought some and will have to try this recipe out. So pretty!

Dreamer girl said...

Berry scrumptious looking. I only wish that I would have went blueberry picking and put some in the freezer.

Ivy said...

I made this salsa over the weekend and braught ir over to share with some friends for dinner-It WAS very good. Definitely a keeper recipe. :)

Stef said...

I love this idea! Sounds like something that would be good with all kinds of berries. Never thought about it!

Moto. said...

Wow! This is very good. Thank you for sharing. Your blog is great, btw. I found it while searching for "Serrano Ham" of all things. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.