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White Sangria and A Random Tag

It’s been pretty warm here lately. Now don’t think I’m complaining. I’m not. I love that it’s warm, that summer is finally here. Temperatures in the 90’s have their own special charm!

In fact, hot summer weather always seems to bring fond memories to mind. I remember when, as a child, I would be given the change to buy an ice cold bottle of Orange Crush from a vending machine. I remember how it felt to hold that cold glass bottle against my face on a hot day. I also remember a big amber glass in my aunt's kitchen cabinet that she would fill with iced tea in the midsummer heat and how good a cup of cold water would taste when we poured it from the red pitcher of ice water she kept in her refrigerator at all times.

The hot temperatures also reminds me of my summer in Spain. In Madrid we discovered new ways to beat the heat. I remember the delicious sparkling limonadas that we often sipped at an outdoor café. I also think of the vat of Sangria our new friends at the collegio prepared for our going away party. Light and fruity, it was a delicious and refreshing summer cooler.

This summer, as I thumbed through “Spain and the World Table” I found an interesting recipe for White Sangria. It starts with white wine, takes advantage of some of summer’s lighter fleshed fruits, adds cherries for interest and a large splash of amaretto to augment the traditional addition of fruit juices. I wasn’t at all sure how the amaretto would taste in the wine but I was intrigued. When I tried the recipe I found that it added a slighty golden tint to this pretty beverage and a nice full flavored sweetness. Very refreshing!

White Sangria
From "Spain and the World Table"

1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup water
1 cup diced peaches
3/4 cup diced plums
1 cup pitted cherrries
1 cup diced nectarines
1 orange, peeled and cut into 8 slices
1 bottle white wine
6 Tablespoons orange juice
6 Tablespoons lemon juice
1/2 cup Amaretto
1 pint sparkling water

In a small saucepan, bring the sugar and water just to a boil, stirring constantly. Set aside to cool.

In a large pitcher, stir together the cooled sugar syrup, wine, orange juice, lemon juice and Amaretto.

Combine the fruit and add it to the pitcher, mixing gently.

At this point you may store the Sangria in the refrigerator for up to 12 hours.

Just before serving, stir in the sparkling water.

Serve by spooning some of the fruit into each glass and then pouring the liquid on top.

Note: Use ripe, sweet fruit. If you are missing one of the fruits in the recipe simply skip it or substitute, based on availability. Many different combinations of seasonal fruits would work just fine.

Random Tag

So now, if you have a moment, won't you pour yourself a glass of your favorite summer refreshment and sit with me while I respond to the meme Grace of A Southern Grace tagged me with….

The rules? I think they go something like…

~ Mention the blog that tagged you and link to the same.
~ Post the rules.
~ Tell us six random things about yourself.
~ Tag several more of your favorite bloggers, via links and comments.

That done, here are Six Random Things About Me:

1. Once, my husband gave me a pool cue for Christmas. I’m not that good at pool but it gives me great confidence to open the case and put together my own cue before the game begins. Somehow, when I then totally botch the break, I don’t feel half as bad.

2. I have gnomes in my yard.

3. My very least favorite ingredient to find in a recipe? Mayonnaise. I’m not sure why, but I just don't like it. I have similar feelings about other, though not all, ingredients that are white and creamy.

4. I think crossing a bridge is scary. Ever since I was a child I can’t ride over a bridge without thinking about it. Occasionally I have real issues with a bridge, like the 4.1 mile long Astoria-Megler Bridge at the mouth of the Columbia River. It connects Oregon and Washington. I have had nightmares about that bridge. More often I simply get tense and have to carefully look straight ahead until I reach the other side.

5.I have all three seasons of the TV show "Kung Fu” on DVD. My brother watched this when I was a kid but I never understood - why were all of those men in the wild west calling David Carradine "Chinese"? But then I saw "Office Space" and I began to understand...

6. I love violets.

So there you have it!

I tag:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag! I will definitely give it a go (even if it takes me a while. . . !). Loved your six random things (I'm totally with you on the bridge-fear) and the photo of the violets is gorgeous.

Thanks, too, for the wonderful sangria recipe--it's one of my favorite summertime drinks, and since I'm having a few people over next weekend for dinner, I think that's going to be on the menu!

Alanna Kellogg said...

Ha. Either these are very random or it's been way too long. (Both? Definitely one.)

eatme_delicious said...

Ooo that sangria looks good and the recipe sounds perfect. I've been wanting to make white sangria for a while now. I'm a bit wary of the amaretto even though you said it was good. I think I'd add maybe Soho (lychee liqueur).

grace said...

i had sangria for the first time not long ago and i love it. your recipe looks great!
thanks for doing the meme! i have tell you, gnomes freak me out like no other. i'm not sure why i find them so creepy, but i do. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't ever drive to Key West. Thanks for the Sangria recipe and another look at possibly even enjoying the heat.

Robin Sue said...

Ah Grasshoppah Love the sangria recipe! Love the gnome in the garden too!

krysta said...

it's been so hot around where i live, sangria would be perfect. i love the post about shakespeare.

LisaRene said...

I found your blog via Diet, Dessert & Dogs and have enjoyed looking around. You have made some lovely recipes!

We have a bit in common aside from a first name. I live in Gig Harbor and have crossed the Astoria bridge hundreds of times when traveling to our Cannon Beach home (we sold it 6 mo ago). Then I saw your post on Ashland where we purchased a home last summer and are just finishing remodeling it. Oh, and I too hate mayo, horrid stuff :(

pam said...

This sangria sounds amazing! I love your 6 random things, I also have gnomes, love violets (I let them run rampant through my yard), hate bridges, and adored the Kung Fu series!

Lisa said...

ricki- Great! I'm sure your friends will love it.

alanna - Random, yes, but true! :-) And it has been too long!

eatme_delicious - The amaretto was good. When i made it I shared the White Sangria with several friends, mixed a second batch and not a drop was leftover. Still I'm sure that there are great substitutes. If you try it with some other liqueur I'd love to hear how it turns out!

grace - Even more creepy than yard flamingos? :-) Glad you like the Sangria!

anonymous - The very thought of that bridge to the Keys used to give me nightmares. It makes me think of that scene from "True Lies."

robin sue - Thanks! Glad you stopped by!

krysta - Thank you!

lisarene - I think you're going to love your home in Ashland. I'm tempted to spend more time there myself. And it's good to know I'm not the only one with an aversion to mayo. Thanks for stopping by and looking around!

Pam - Cool! Another kindred spirit. Thanks for visiting!