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Coconuts and Crocodiles

My husband traveled to India not long ago. He told me the food was wonderful. He took many beautiful photos of the dishes he tried there and their preparation. I'd write about them if I knew enough about Indian food to figure out what they were called. They sure looked delicious!

Still, there was one food experience which he documented that was simple enough for me to approach. This experience made quite a strong impression on him. I think it rated right up there with floating in a tiny row boat within splashing distance of an enormous crocodile and then being rowed, in that same boat, beneath trees dark and heavy with huge resting fruit bats.

The food I am talking about is a coconut he purchased from a roadside vendor. The vendor took a sharp machete and with one quick swing lopped off the end of the green coconut and put a straw in it for him to drink the clear sweet milk.

When my husband finished drinking the milk the vendor took the coconut from him again and, with a few deft swipes of his huge knife, he prepared the soft meat to be enjoyed with a small scoop cut from the husk. While my husband enjoyed the fruit of the coconut the vendor cleaned his knife and put it away.

I have to say, it does look fresh and delicious. The question is, what lengths would you go to to taste one? Do they have these same coconuts at a local market? Or must one brave crocodiles to have a taste?


Stef said...

I haven't ever had quite the same coconut experience in the US. However, I have had coconuts served that way all throughout Asia with no crocodile risk. They are so good!!

Christi Krug said...

A couple of weeks ago was my first time buying a fresh coconut, and after all my hammering and working to get out the contents, I was rewarded for days with the taste of fresh coconut sprinkled into all kinds of desserts, smoothies and dishes. I'm sure India's coconuts are even yummier.

Shalimar said...

those coconuts ~makes me wish am back in the Philppines... its really is so sweet sans crocodile of course...

Lisa said...

Stef -Sounds exciting! I hope to make it to Asia one of these days to see for myself.

Christi - Aren't coconuts great? They seem to call for and inspire drama, just to get inside, let alone the sunshine it brings to recipes. And fresh coconuts are so much more delicious than the shredded packaged flakey kind, which I don't like at all, despite my fondness for southern cuisine.

Shalimar - I am definitely not eager to go rowing beneath the fruit bats alongside the alligators. But that coconut, it does look good!

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